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Given all the steps in this eBook, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the beginnings of a successful janitorial company within a two to six month period.

And yet the lessons in this eBook are only half the ingredient necessary for success There is learning about it and there is doing it. You must get up now and do it.

Keep it simple. First, make Flyers. Second, pass ‘em out. That’s it. No need to fret whatsoever over any other step now. Only one goal should be front and center in your mind – go out and find an account. And so, once again:

1) Make Flyers!

2) Pass ‘em out!

You’ll learn about the world of advertising and marketing as you prepare your flyers. You can explore the web for examples. A magazine. Flyers or post-card packs that come in the mail. It doesn’t have to be about janitorial. You’ll find yourself focusing more closely on how the big boys word their ads.

You’ll learn much about the world you’re about to step in. Afterall, you’re actually walking up to each company’s door to place your ad. As you plant each Flyer, your face is only inches from the glass allowing you to peer inside. You’ll begin to predict more accurately what the interior’s materials are like, and envision cleaning it. You’ll begin to learn what you want and don’t want in an account. Prudent selection saves you money and in effect makes you money.

These first two simple steps thrusts the beginner at the doorsteps of companies. You become intimate with the companies your hoping to attract – or not attract. You’ll develop your own mailing list of preferred addresses – and learn to keep hammering away at those companies within select areas you really want.

But, if you find yourself, after a month’s time, still procrastinating – no flyer, no company search -- please feel free to email me your concerns so I may jump-start you with the correct answer(s) to your dilemma, or hook you up with successful readers who can serve as an inspiration to any reluctant beginner.

This is your moment to shine (pun intended). Janitorial is the most affordable business to get started in. You don’t need to purchase anything until you have your first customer. You keep your money safe in your pocket.

And don’t be scared if the economy is in a recession nor harbor doubts that the search for cleaning services has been put on hold. On the contrary, businesses become more receptive to new bids that may serve their budgets better. Recessions should be seen as yet another golden opportunity to grow unabated.

But recession or booming economy, it’s up to you to get this thing going, to become a true success in the janitorial industry. Someone once said, “More occurs from movement than will ever happen from meditation or contemplation.” And so I would strongly urge you to take action. Don’t just read this and then bury it somewhere. Read it. Do it. Become it.

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