The Right Words for your Flyer

The advantage with creating your own flyer is that you can continually edit it to reflect your current status. This is especially true when displaying any new business you’ve acquired and wish to share with the world, a procedure I highly encourage. As you acquire accounts, you may find yourself editing your flyer once a month to reflect these welcome changes.

But, aside from referrals, what else should your flyer convey? Online flyer examples for janitorial services are difficult to find. Not surprisingly, though, the best examples of janitorial advertisements are on the pages of the very websites we previously discussed. Many of them are laid-out and written similar to what one may find on a 8.5 x 11 flyer.

Even the left side of my former website would make a perfect flyer as well as an advertisement sent in the mail. While the quality of this “flyer” on the left would probably require a professional printing service, mostly because of the colors involved, what we really want to focus on is the text, or rather the order in which the text introduces your company.

To see convincing examples of how companies represent themselves, let’s refer to the instructions found in this book’s section titled “Internet”. Simply, go online and in the Google Search engine, type either Janitorial or Cleaning service followed by, in this case, any major city and state. Click on the map that comes up to access the larger interactive map. Remember, you can move the map around Click-on any of the alphabetic tabs. A balloon will pop-up with the selected company’s name, address and phone number. What you’re looking for is a website address underneath these numbers. If they don’t have a website, move-on to the next tab. If they do have a website, click-on the link and begin studying how janitorial firms represent themselves – the word choices they make to sell you their services.

As mentioned in a previous section, many of these websites are similar in that they almost always have a row or column of navigational tabs like the following:

Behind the Home, About Us, and Why Us tabs of these websites are descriptive statements about the company’s qualities, offerings, history or trustworthiness. Oftentimes, these statements are variations of the same theme. Inserting my company’s name, the following text examples are some of the themes used to intrigue and hopefully convince prospective customers to call:

“Extremely Clean is a leader in providing the highest quality janitorial services for commercial, retail and industrial facilities …”

“Extremely Clean is proud to offer competitive pricing on all short and long-term janitorial contracts …”

“Since 1975, Extremely Clean has been providing professional cleaning services of consistent high quality to all types of commercial and industrial facilities …’

“As a service company, we consider our employees to be our most important asset. We understand the contributions a good employee makes toward our success, and we commit ourselves to selecting the best available people …”

“At Extremely Clean, we understand the importance of providing our customers a clean work environment. Not only for the health and contentment of employees, but a remarkably clean facility is a positive reflection of one’s organization …”

“Whatever your circumstances, Extremely Clean starts by understanding fully your facility’s needs. We strive to understand what’s most important to you …”

“At Extremely Clean, our commitment is to you, our customer. We partner with you and continuously monitor the overall cleanliness of your facility. We understand that a clean, well-kept office enhances a company’s corporate image and provides a healthy environment for your employees and customers. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations …”

“Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs on a daily basis while providing the best combination of quality, price and delivery. We accomplish this by continuously improving and developing our systems of operation. Our goal is to continuously make your office extremely clean…”

“Our Mission is to provide top quality cleaning services at competitive prices while keeping our cleaning personnel highly motivated and committed toward performing a superb job each and every time …”

“Extremely Cleans’ dedication to detail and our hands-on approach in the training of our employees gives our clients reassurance that every job is executed with quality and care. We go to extreme measures to constantly track the progress and quality of our employee’s performance. Commitment to quality is our guarantee to you …”

After the address and phone number banner on the top of your flyer, any of the above variations should give you an idea of how to make a descriptive opening statement in your flyer. Be sure to use your own words, though, so as not to copy word-for-word what you glean from others websites. They’re for educational purposes only.

Behind the Services tab on these websites, the scope can vary according to what each janitorial firm is capable of providing. Typical services janitorial firms perform, which can be next added to your flyer, are listed below:

- Complete Office Cleaning

- Vinyl Tile (VCT) Stripping & Refinishing

- Window Washing

- Carpet Cleaning

- Upholstery Cleaning

- Post-construction Cleaning

- Wall Cleaning

- Fluorescent Fixture Cleaning

Larger companies with more money, and hence more equipment, would probably add these in addition to the above:

- Pressure Washing

- Concrete & Hard Surface Steam Cleaning

- Concrete & Hard Surface Coatings

- Hydrosonic Blind Cleaning

- Day Porter

- Marble Lippage & Polishing

- Masonry Cleaning

- Industrial Machine Cleaning

Other companies may list what typically occurs during nightly operations within each office. These too can be added to your flyer:

- Refuse removal and can relining

- Clean and sanitize bathrooms

- Thorough dusting surfaces

- Clean reception area and foyer

- Clean glass surfaces

- Carpet & Upholstery Vacuuming

- Floor maintenance

- Removal of cobwebs

And finally, janitorial firms may represent their key attributes and qualifications with abbreviated statements, as well as claims, offerings and specials. I, too, am in the habit of employing the following wording style in my flyer development:

- Courteous and knowledgeable staff to handle your calls

- Precise scheduling to meet your office cleaning needs

- Prompt service calls

- Detailed explanation of services rendered

- We offer a full range of janitorial services

- Services tailored to meet customer needs

- We employ the full range of the latest janitorial technology

- An innovator in contract janitorial services

- Every cleaning assignment addressed with detail and precision

Now we have enough in our arsenal to compose, construct and subsequently print a number of homemade flyers that should come across as an ad drafted by someone who’s had years of janitorial experience. We’ll use a header on our flyer similar to those we built earlier followed by an opening statement and finally a quick list of positive statements and specials that are intended to exude confidence about one’s company’s abilities and respectability.

But remember, we especially wanted to accomplish this initial stage in our quest for our first account by keeping as much money in our pocket as possible. The flyer example of mine on the next page cost no more than the occasional black-ink cartridge capable of printing-out 200+ flyers – a lowered cost accomplished by creating a quality looking flyer solely in black-and-white.

Chapter 7__Flyer Example