This is my favorite for beginning a business inexpensively. While there could be the nominal cost of using a copy service to run off a few hundred flyers, or a printer service which will give you a real professional look, I have successfully used my home computer and printer to do the job for me – even as early as 1983 when we only had dot-matrix printers.

Today’s desk-top printers do such an outstanding job, you may want to bypass any need for a professional printer service and keep that money in your pocket.

While a quality look is important, a lot depends on what you have to say to your prospective customer. Do you have the word skills to draft a flyer, one that intrigues the prospective customer at first glance, using just the right information about your service in a manner that makes them – if not call right away – place the flyer in a spot to remind them to call you later, or file for future record?

The presence of a flyer also makes the holder automatically question the value they are getting from their present service. It makes them look around the office as they walk around, tempting them to call should even the slightest eyesore appear.

The truth be told, even a poorly worded or constructed flyer can eventually work. I’ve seen it happen before, much to my surprise. The secret is to place them in the same businesses over and over again to constantly remind them that they can do better with your service.

Don’t anger them, though. Limit your saturation of flyers to once or every other week, but also no less than once per month. Sometimes, they’ll put a random flyer on file and simply forget about it. That’s why you need to remind them again and again that you are determined and are always at the ready.

You’ll also get lucky and place a flyer at a businesses at the very moment that they’re thoroughly disgusted with their present service. The odds are very strong in your favor that they’ll call you in for a bid.


The above post-card type flyer example has minimal wording but is eye-catching nevertheless. A saturation of these is sure to get some eventual calls. The backside can be used to go into greater detail what services your company provides. Because this example is shrunk to postcard size, it can also be used for mailings. Still, this will probably require a Printing service to get the desired result.

Also, colored prints could possibly go over our prescribed budget. The next few pages, however, shows what you can do with a basic home printer and Microsoft Word. This is what I do and what I’ve always done. Even in black and white (and shades of gray), with the right wording, a homemade flyer will serve you well and cost you next to nothing.

Chapter 5__Flyer Design