House cleaning business

by Sarah
(Dorset, UK)

A few years ago I was looking for work and finding it difficult to get something that would fit with my lifestyle and family commitments. My son runs a window cleaning business and a couple of his customers were looking for help with cleaning their homes.

Having been married and brought up a family I have lots of experience in keeping a home clean so I decided to give it a go. The principles of keeping your own home clean and tidy apply to other peoples' houses too.

I have my own cleaning cloths which I use for all kinds of surfaces. They are microfibre cloths and are both practical to use and easy to keep clean.

For each home that I went to I would start with two clean cloths. I used one wet and the other for drying. When the wet one got too dirty I would stop using it and switch my "dry" cloth over to become my "wet" one and then have a clean one to dry with.

My clients were really thrilled with the results of this set up. Windows sparkled, surfaces shone, door plates gleamed.

One home that I went to belonged to a family of four. The parents both had full time careers, the children had lots of after-school activities, so there wasn't a lot of time for house cleaning. That was a very satisfying house to clean.

It was pretty grubby the first time that I went. I worked around it in a methodical way, beginning in the kitchen. The oven was a sight to behold! It took me three weeks of effort to get that oven clean. Each week I soaked it in degreaser and gradually got rid of the layers of grime. By the time I was done with it it was as good as new.

By always doing a good job for my clients and by working hard I was able to build up a nice round of cleaning work.

Happy clients recommend you to others.

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