Many states, counties and municipalities do not require janitorial companies to be licensed. Although you will frequently be contractually obligated with those companies that sign you up, rarely if ever will your work require a third party to inspect to assure the safety of your work.

To see if your state requires janitorial firms to be licensed, go to:

Contractor's License Reference Site

To see if your county or municipality requires janitorial licensing, go to there respective websites. You will find the information behind a link oftentimes titled "Contractors".

A clever way to reveal if your area requires janitorial licensing, open your local Yellow Pages. Many of the ads will post their license number at the bottom corner of the ad if your area does indeed require contractors licensing for janitors.

It's also a selling point to display a number, and some companies simply post their state business license # on their ads (usually the state ID for tax purposes).

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