Naming your Business

A great name for your business is one that the prospective customer will remember, a unique wording that conveys your service in such a manner that compels the customer to call, inquire and inevitably purchase. But a great name also has to be one that you, the owner, is proud of, one that elevates your confidence in the very services you provide.

A business name is your first, and arguably most important, marketing decision. It will be displayed on every piece of material you use to advertise or represent your product or services.

To arrive at such a compelling moniker, try these following steps: Description. Put any word that comes to mind when you think of your business, whether it's an adjective, superlative, a noun or a verb, and create a long list. And when that list is complete, look up each word in a thesaurus and add their synonyms. A starter list for a janitorial service might include: clean, office, shine, perfection, superior, best, yes! After running the words through the thesaurus, the list will grow significantly.

Expand. Look at your description, and jot other words that come to mind and describe your product. Make lists of the benefits your company offers. Make lists of the synonyms for superior service and excellence in your field and don't forget to include informal figures of speech like 'A-1'.

Helpful wording ideas can be found in the Flyer Wording Chapter
Subtitle. Many family owned business forgo the catchy title and simply use their family name as the business name. An example would be if I used my name: J B Parker & Sons. While this is a fine alternative, it is still a good idea to follow up with a subtitle to describe your service. An example would: Specialists in Quality Office Cleaning.

It is important that communicate your service effectively. Don’t make the customer guess what it is your going to be doing for them.
Web Development. In this web savvy world, it is important to consider a name that can easily become a domain name and a domain name that can easily rise to the top in Search engines relative to your area.

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